Fly away home…

January 22, 2008 at 9:46 pm Leave a comment

It’s strange to be back in California after a month-long vacation. Honestly, being back in Virginia felt as though I never left. Everyone was still there, all the places are the same. It felt more like I was coming to Virginia after a 6-month-long vacation in California. Now that I am planning on not coming back until the summer of ’09, leaving now feels more like I’m moving away than it did in August. I wasn’t really sad or anything when I left then, just a bit excited. Moving away, starting a new life, creating a new identity for myself was more appealing to me than staying where I was, even though it was comfortable and familiar.

Now, after being able to experience my ‘old life’ for a few weeks, I feel like I’m going to miss it more. On my last day in VA, I was a little upset that I was leaving. I know that when I go back in a year and a half things will most likely be different. Friends will have changed, moved away, finished school. Places will have changed, new buildings will be built, the landscape will be different. It won’t feel familiar to me anymore. I guess it’s losing what I’ve known for so long that makes me apprehensive about going to California this time. Coming back after 6 months isn’t that big of a deal, but coming back after 18 months seems like a lifetime away from home.

That’s where the real change has to begin. ‘Home’ is no longer where I came from, it’s where my life continues, starts anew, or changes. And for better or for worse, ‘home’ isn’t in Virginia anymore. I’ve planted myself on the other side of the country, ready to begin the next chapter for real. August to December was the test run; when I landed in California on Saturday, it was the official end to an era of my life. I think I’m ready for it. I know what I want and what it takes to get it. It’s time to grow up now and stop being the person I knew.

So goodbye, Virginia. Don’t change too much while I’m away.




The above is just a collection of pictures I took of friends and family over the past few years. I was actually trying to find more pics from when I was “fresh off the boat” from PI, but I was an idiot and forgot to scan the pics from my parents’ house. The song choice was inspired by what was playing on the radio when I arrived in Virginia. It was the very first song that was playing in the car when I turned the radio on. It was fitting, if not a bit cliche. Thanks to Fate and Destiny to play appropriate songs at the appropriate moments.


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