TV shows I’m going to miss

January 25, 2008 at 11:59 pm 2 comments

In no particular order:


Chuck – NBC’s surprise action/comedy is something I missed during it’s first two weeks on air. Then, on a whim, I tuned in and have been hooked ever since. What other show would have spies, retail salesmen, and g-men going after a large stuffed marlin? Or have hot blonde NSA agents posing as a hot dog girl? Or have the always-awesome Adam Baldwin?

Speaking of Adam Baldwin, I’m glad to see him on a successful TV show; his past endeavors haven’t exactly been smash hits. Firefly has a strong cult following, but didn’t get past a first season, and the movie was a commercial bomb (although a pretty good one). And 2006’s Taye Diggs vehicle Day Break was prematurely (and unfairly) canceled after less than a season.

Also, I can relate to this show because I, just like Chuck, worked at an electronics retail store. Some of the shenanigans they get into at the store (called Buy More) I have witnessed or experienced myself (sans the spy stuff).


Heroes – The first season was great (even if the finale wasn’t as exciting as I hoped), and the second season showed great promise. It just started to get good when they decided to end the season instead of going on an extended hiatus. I’m hoping for a fall premiere of Season 3 instead of waiting until 2009.

Apparently the Strike has also ended this new Heroes web-only thing where they were going to debut two new Heroes online, then add them to the story later on in the series.

Grey’s Anatomy – Yes, guys watch this show, too. I first saw this show during a communications class and the professor let us watch a full episode from someone’s Season 1 set before classes started (I don’t know why). Season 1 was short (9 episodes) but good, Season 2 was even better, and Season 3 had it’s ups and downs. Season 4 started in a slump, with the relationships not really going anywhere (the ‘Mer-Der’ thing and the ‘George and Izzie’ thing is getting old really fast), but it started to get good when production stopped.

I am also worried about the longevity of this show ever since Isaiah Washington left (got fired), Kate Walsh starred in her own spinoff, and Katherine Heigl started landing leading-lady movie roles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Heigl left by the end of Season 5. And speaking of Kate Walsh and Private Practice, that show needs to find it’s own identity. All the doctors in the show seem to be going through a mid-life crisis, and they all act like they’re 20-somethings. I can understand a ‘mid-life crisis story arc’, but these doctors seem to not be able to handle any personal issue with maturity. I personally don’t see this show continuing for very long by the way they’re writing it.

24 – Season 6 started with a bang, and a really big one. With a good chunk of Los Angeles missing, the series was poised to have it’s best season yet. Unfortunately, the switching of plot lines mid-season turned off many critics and fans. I, however, stayed the course, watching until the bittersweet season finale. With Kim Raver now on a different show, and with only half the episodes filmed, it’s questionable of whether we’ll see the show debut at all this spring, or if it will be any better. I read somewhere that the producers prefer not to show any of the finished episodes until they get a finalized schedule for the rest, but that isn’t going to happen until the Strike ends.

Also, I applaud Kiefer Sutherland for doing time. Not that doing time is ever really a good thing, but he owned up to his mistakes, decided not to do the typical celebrity thing and wriggle his way out of jail, and spent 40-something days doing laundry and stamping license plates. It’s unfortunate that the Strike had severely altered the show’s production schedule; the producers had planned the schedule around Sutherland’s jail time, hoping to finish shooting once the actor got out. Now he’s out, but the Strike continues.

The Office – I was a late-comer to this season, watching around the end of Season 3 and catching up via the seemingly-defunct show-streaming website Now I see why everyone likes this show, it’s hilarious. The comedy is so oddball, so bizarre, it’s like a breath of fresh air compared to traditional sitcoms like Two and a Half Men or King of Queens. Not that there’s anything wrong with those shows, they’re fine except that the ‘laugh track sitcom’ seems obsolete on modern-day television.

30 Rock – I was a fan of this show ever since it aired in 2006. However, I did have some worries that this show would get cancelled since it’s initial ratings weren’t stellar. I’m glad it caught on, and with some Golden Globes and Emmy’s under it’s belt, I’m sure 30 Rock will continue for some time.

Battlestar Galactica – This show is way better than it should be. Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 was amazing, especially with the two-episode arc that introduced the Pegasus. Unfortunately towards the end of that season the episodes felt disconnected from one another. Season 3 began with some very deep social and political commentary set against the backdrop of the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, and continued with an amazing rescue of the population by the Galactica and Pegasus. Add to that a great made-for-TV movie (Razor); a series-wide arc about religion, faith, and morality; and some deeply flawed, but likeable (and even relateable) characters make this among the best on TV and among the best science fiction writing ever broadcasted.

The Strike hasn’t really affected the show since the new season apparently won’t air until April, and I believe most of the episodes have been filmed already, but the show’s cancelled spinoff prequel Caprica may be the only show benefiting from the Strike. With the pilot already written, and the networks in desperate need for new material, the production has a slight chance of being greenlit.

So here’s to hoping that the Strike ends soon. There are some new shows debuting this spring that show promise, like The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the new season of Jericho, but the Strike has already halted production of these shows.

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Fly away home… $20,000 for a cup of coffee?! I’m in

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  • 1. SE  |  January 26, 2008 at 3:52 am

    I think you and I watch the same TV Shows. (I’d probably only have to switch out BSG (I don’t have cable or I probably would) with House.

    Glad to see there’s at least a couple 30 Rock fans out there.

  • 2. littleman00  |  January 26, 2008 at 10:16 am

    I catch House every once in a while, but for some reason it hasn’t stuck with me. Hugh Laurie is hilarious, though. And 30 Rock was a real surprise to me. I didn’t think it would be this funny. The story arc involving Jack and his liberal Democratic girlfriend and the introduction of Dr. Leo Spaceman (and how you really pronounce his name) had me laughing so hard it hurt.


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