Brawl, Baby!!!

March 10, 2008 at 9:48 pm Leave a comment

OK, for the entire weekend I was sick. I missed my cousin’s b-day dinner and some midnight opening Smash Bros. craziness at some local Gamestops. So, Sunday morning, I wake up, planning on going to Best Buy to get Smash Bros the minute the store opened, thinking that most of the people that really wanted the game would have gotten it at midnight; there should be plenty of copies left. I’m thinking that Best Buy opens at 10am on Sundays, so I get there around 10:20…and I see a line. A LONG LINE. I though, “Holy crap, what the hell is this?” And the store doesn’t open until 11, so I was actually pretty thankful I made the mistake on the opening hours.

So I call my friend Dennis back in VA and he tells me he picked up the game at midnight and that he’s trying to get an online game setup sometime that day. I tell him there’s this insane line and that I’m about to wait in it. It reminded me a lot like when the Wii launched and how we saw all this crazy lines with people waiting in it (mostly of all the schmucks that didn’t pre-order, we did and only waited like 40 minutes). Anyway, 11am hits and everyone starts filing in, about one hundred people. Turns out, Best Buy got a huge shipment of Wii’s in and most of the people in line had a voucher for one. Also, about half of them were getting Brawl. The checkout line was, at first, really painful to wait in, since the lines were going so due to the checkout procedures in buying the Wii. I was like, “I’m just buying a game, isn’t there a shorter line?”

And behold, there was. One of the lanes opened up for people specifically buying anything but a Wii. And just like that, I was the proud owner of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, along with a copy of Bully: Scholarship Edition (which so far is pretty damn good) and a cd by this Scottish band Belle and Sebastian.

So getting home, I play a few single-player rounds, then my cousin plays some (he kept saying the backgrounds trip him out because they move so damn much). Then, in the evening, I get a call from my friend, telling me the online matches are ready to go. So for about an hour or so I’m battling online with my Wii, against friends on the other side of the country. It was pure awesome (lag not withstanding). I haven’t had this much fun playing an online game since I was hardcore into Battlefield 2142. Anyway, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the single-player Subspace Emissary mode, and I’ve played about 15 online matches with friends and with strangers, and I haven’t even touched the level-editing mode and I’ve only uncovered 1 secret character out of the dozen or so left to discover. And there’s the trophy and sticker collecting, and the snapshots and replays. I guess I’ll be busy for awhile. Sucks I have midterms and all the grad school bullshizzle.

No Wii owner should be without Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It belongs alongside Wii Sports and Guitar Hero III as party games to bust out when you have friends over.

I know I’ve barely played the game, but I’m going to go ahead and give it my rating anyway.

9.5/10 (1/2 point docked due to some lag in 4-player online brawls)


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