Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Premiere Recap…slight spoilers

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Alrighty, after a whole frakkin’ year, we finally have a new season of Battlestar Galactica. And so far it’s shaping up to be the best season yet.

Episode 1, entitled “He That Believeth in Me”, of the new season picks up right where Season 3 ended, with the 4 new Cylon models having just been revealed, and Kara Thrace popping in from out of nowhere claiming to have been to Earth. All this against the backdrop of a surprise Cylon ambush of what’s left of the Fleet.

While there’s nothing that’s revealed in this episode, it does a good job of setting up the rest of the season. The 4 new models must now begin to deal with their revelation. Col. Tigh gives a bit of a pep talk to them, telling them that if he’s going to die today, he’ll die the man he wants to be, regardless of whether or not he’s actually one of the enemy. The two that seem to have the most problem with this is Anders and Tory, as they are the least sure of what their roles seem to be.

Then there’s Starbuck, who believed she was away from the Fleet for a mere six hours, but according to everyone else, she was gone for 2 months and presumed dead. Starbuck claims to have visited Earth, and even has pictures to prove it, but her mysterious re-appearance at the same time the Cylon fleet decides to halt their attack makes everyone suspicious of her. On top of that, her Viper is in pristine condition, no scratches, no scorch marks, no nothing (except for a bit of goo from blasting Cylon Raiders). Roslin doesn’t trust her at all, and so demands she be put in the brig. Adama and Lee, of course, trust her, but cannot argue with Roslin’s logic that Starbuck has yet to prove she’s really one of them.

And finally Gaius Baltar. Having been acquitted of his crimes against (what’s left of) humanity, he finds himself a free man, but also an unwanted man. Practically the entire Fleet blames him for what happened on New Caprica, and once he was released, he quickly realized he has no place to go. He is taken in by a cult that worships him, and slowly introduces them to the monotheistic, and very Judeo-Christian, religion practiced by the Cylons. However, I couldn’t help but noticed that this ‘cult’ looked very much like a brothel. They’re all women, most of whom are young and attractive. When we first see this hidden compartment where they live aboard Galactica, it almost seemed like someone was running a seedy massage parlor, complete with ‘happy endings’.

The episode ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, but it’s nothing jaw-dropping. I do have extremely high standards (and hopes) for this season, as the previous 3 have given us some of the best television, science fiction or otherwise, in years. Next Friday can’t come soon enough.

On a completely off-track note, I hope they put more of Kandyse McClure (Lt. Dualla) and Grace Park in this season, because they are smokin’ hot.

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