How to Get Girls to Play With Your Wii

May 8, 2008 at 11:32 am Leave a comment

Did the title sound dirty? It was supposed to. Sure, those kind of Wii jokes are pretty stale now, since the name has become commonplace in households all over, and the Wii’s success is nothing to laugh about.

But, now we’ve got a whole new reason to make sexual jokes about the Wii. It appears a company, Peakaboo Pole Dancing, wants to cash in on the Wii fitness craze and release a pole dancing game for Nintendo’s console. With Wii Sports getting people off of the couch every now and then, and the U.S. launch of Nintendo’s mega-hit Wii Fit just around the corner, it seems that every company wants to make an exercise game.

Will this be as popular? Probably not, since the Wii is a more family-oriented console and not too many parents would want their children to be playing stripper and sliding up and down a pole. Which makes me wonder: what the hell are you going to do with the Wiimote? Will it be part of the pole? Or are you supposed to do something with your hands? And what about the Nunchuck? Or the Wii Fit board? Or…how about incorporating the Mario Kart Wii wheel? The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, the controversy will probably continue as the mainstream press picks up on it; I first heard about this story on Fox News of all places. Surprisingly, they weren’t negative about it at all, they just passed it off as some kind of joke. However, I’d love to see Jane Skinner or Megyn Kelly have a go at the demo…

Jokes aside, this may prove to be beneficial for Nintendo. If the mainstream press sees this very sexually oriented game (yes, pole dancing may have some exercise benefits, but it’s still an overtly sexual exercise), it may be more ‘legitimacy’ to Nintendo’s console as something that adults can enjoy without having their children around. The Wii has been branded as a ‘kiddy console’ (I blame third-party developers), and needs more mature-oriented content to help break the stereotype. While I’d much prefer a well-made action or first-person shooter game, I guess this pole dancing game will do for now.


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