Review: Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd – Out of Control

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Shot concurrently with the Get Smart movie that was released a couple of weeks ago, Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd – Out of Control is a tie-in to the bigger movie, starring Get Smart‘s lab rats that had roughly five minutes of screen time.  It’s harmless fun, but ultimately not worth the full purchase of the DVD.

The story runs parallel to Get Smart, and ocassionaly events in that movie intersect with this one.  Bruce (Masi Oka) and Lloyd (Nate Torrence) are CONTROL’s best engineers, creating all the crazy gadgets that the field agents use on assignments (think Q Branch from the James Bond films).  The two are the epitome of ‘nerd’: they work with tech stuff, have awkward social skills, and also have no game when it comes to women.

Bruce and Lloyd have been working on a top secret piece of tech for CONTROL: a blanket that’s made of optical camoflauge, basically an invisibility cloak.  The only problem with it is that it can’t be turned on for more than a few minutes at a time.  During an inter-office party, the cloak gets stolen and our two geeks spend the movie trying to get it back.  The story is predictable and harmless, and it’s something that seems in line with the ‘summer movie tie-in’ feel that’s present from the very beginning.

On a more positive note, I think this had the potential to become TV series worthy.  As mediocre as the overall product is, what I found interesting is their interaction with the opposite sex.  While I think a show like Chuck does this concept great, the character of Chuck, to me, is slightly unbelievable as a nerd who would look out of place with a hot woman.  Bruce and Lloyd, and nothing against them, don’t look like they’d be seen with a hot woman.  Watching them with the opposite sex was a little fun, and has potential.

The cast does what they can with their roles.  Masi Oka probably won’t shake his lovable-but-nerdy facade for some time, and this role really isn’t that much different from his Heroes alter ego, but he’s fine here, even though his line delivery isn’t spot on for some of the movie.  I found Nate Torrence to be mildly funny, though I think he’s capable of better.  I’m not entirely familiar with him, but I think I’ve seen on some TV stints once or twice, and at first I got him confused with comedian Nick Swordson.  Jayma Mays plays Nina, Bruce’s love interest.  She works in CONTROL’s forensics department, and she does have some moments that could’ve been really funny, but for some reason they just fall flat.  On a side note, you may recognize her as Charlie, Masi Oka’s love interest on Heroes.  Rounding out the cast of women is Isabelle (Marika Domincyz), Lloyd’s love interest.  She pretty, but boring.  There’s also a decent supporting cast, and they have some mildly funny moments, but the material is kinda dull and none of them really shine here.  Oh, and there’s a short cameo by Anne Hathaway, looking hot and yelling into her phone.

The DVD has some bonus features that consist of a couple of making-of’s and this MTV Real World confessional segment that takes place partly during the movie’s office party scene, and features pretty much the entire cast.  That was almost funny, but ran a little too long.

Bruce and Lloyd – Out of Control should really be more of a pack-in with the enventual Get Smart DVD release.  Honestly, this movie may have been hilarious if they kept the script tighter, focusing on a few select things instead of trying to make a feature out of it.  A 30- or 40-minute movie may have served better than this 70-something minute ho-hum comedy.  While not the worst thing ever, it’s just not that great, and certainly not worth buying the DVD for.  Netflix it if you’re interested, or if you liked Get Smart, hope it gets tossed in with some super-duper-extra-special-edition or something.


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