Blu-ray too small? Toshiba down but not out?

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All I can say is…wow.

On the downside, how fast can those discs spin? To be able to read all those layers, I can’t see these discs reading very fast.

And on a different, but related note, Toshiba is planning on releasing standard DVD players with new upscaling technology.  Current decks can upscale as high as 1080p, but Toshiba claims their tech can make standard-def DVD’s look as good as a true 1080p HD image.  Already, upscaling DVD’s look nice; I remember being wowed at the picture quality of Wedding Crashers (of all movies), the colors and image sharpness in some scenes was amazing.  The article can be read here.

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PCMagazine reported that Pioneer, the Japanese electronics manufacturer, has created a new, 16-layer disc capable of holding 400GBs of data. The disc, which looks the same as a traditional disc, is backwards compatible with Blu-ray technology, meaning that current Blu-ray drives may be able to read these massive discs in the future.
What does “16-layer” mean? Think of it like colored, transparent sheets. A typical Blu-ray disc is just one red sheet. Now neatly stack 15 different colored sheets on top. To the untrained eye, it’s just a brown-black mess, but with the right set of glasses, you can see the red color just like you did before. Or you can change it to blue, green, or any other color sheet you stacked on top, without any of the other sheets distorting your view.
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