Favorite ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Moments

March 20, 2009 at 11:57 pm 1 comment

Spoilers below!

Just watched the series finale of one of the greatest television shows ever (and quite possibly the best remake ever): “Battlestar Galactica”.  I honestly don’t know how I feel about my favorite show ending, but it does give me a chance to reflect on the past 5 years and why ‘BSG’ was so frakkin’ awesome (sorry, had to put ‘frak’ in here somewhere).

So, here are some of my favorite moments of “Battlestar Galactica”:

1.  The exodus from New Caprica.  It started with a rescue mission that split the remainder of the fleet in two: one to guide the civilian ships in search of a new home, and the other to lead a strike force back to Cylon-occupied New Caprica and free those left behind.  The three-episode arc was fantastic, with one jaw-dropping moment after another.  Memorable scenes: Galactica jumping out of lightspeed into the atmosphere right above New Caprica City, launching its Vipers, and wreaking havoc on the Cylons below.

2.  Another one from the New Caprica arc: the Galactica covering the escape of the rescue ships by taking on three Cylon Basestars by itself.  The camera pulls back into infinite space, making the space battle seem small and insignificant.  It was also highlighting the valiant last stand William Adama and crew were making…until some missiles streak out from behind the camera toward the Basestars.  Then the Pegasus, the other Battlestar in their fleet, the one that was supposed to lead the civilian ships, swoops into view, sacrificing itself so that the flagship can escape.  Awesome.

3.  The opening scene of the very first episode of the series, “33”.  The crew looked tired, worn out, sleepy, ragged, etc.  For the past few days, the Cylons had been attacking every 33 minutes, slowly wearing out the fleet.  This set the tone for the entire show, letting us know that this isn’t ‘Star Trek’, with its clean walls, neat uniforms, and high-tech comforts.  This was gritty, dirty, in-the-trenches science fiction.

4.  The appearance of the Pegasus.  Just when we thought the Galactica was the last Colonial military vessel in existence, they run into its more modern sister, the Pegasus, commanded by the tough-talking Admiral Helena Cain.  At first it seemed that there would be hope for the last remnants of humanity, but a new Battlestar would prove to be a blessing and a burden.

5.  The use of suicide bombers against the Cylons on New Caprica.  Mimicking modern-day headlines, Colonel Tigh and his resistance fighters lead an insurgency against the occupying Cylons.  When things go from bad to worse, they authorize (with some hesitation) the use of volunteers to blow themselves up and take as many cylons as they can with them.

6.  Gaius Baltar trusting God for the first time.  In a more profound episode of the first season, Baltar’s Six tells him the location of a critical spot on an important Cylon facility.  The information leads to an important military victory for the humans, and opens Baltar’s eyes to the possibility of the ‘One True God’ that the Cylons believe in.

7.  Admiral Adama leading those loyal to him against the mutineers.  In an exciting end to a very exciting story arc, Adama, who was ordered executed by his former lieutenant Felix Gaeta, leads a loyalist faction against the uprising that splits the Galactica crew in half.  Which leads to…

8.  Executing the traitors.  In an incredible moment of the final season, Adm. Adama and Co. prove that justice must be carried out, even when the population of humanity sits below 40,000.  They execute the two brains of the mutiny that nearly destroyed the fleet.

9.  The murder of Cally.  One of the most depressing episodes of Season 4, it was quite a shocker for me to see fan favorite Cally, now the wife of Chief Tyrol, jettisoned into space.  On a similar note, the first episode of Season 4.5, when Dualla kills herself.  Despite the discovery of a nuked Earth, Dualla tries to keep her spirits up.  She goes out on a high note, though, because after spending a nice evening with Lee Adama, she points a gun to her head and pulls the trigger, her last memories being happy ones.

10.  Discovery of Earth.  I’m sure many minds were blown, mine included, when the fleet finally arrives at Earth.  Problem is, the planet is uninhabitable due to a nuclear war that destroyed all civilization.  And another thing: the bones and ruins found on the planet are thousands of years old.  Oh, and Starbuck discovers her body on the planet’s surface.  Woah.

11.  The assault on the Cylon ‘homeworld’.  The final mission of the Battlestar Galactica sends the series off with a bang.  The whole sequence was exciting: the Galactica jumping right in front of the Cylon colony, guns on both sides blazing, Marine strike teams enterting the colony, Vipers dogfighting with Raiders, Raptors launching nukes.  Nerdgasm.

I’m sure I’m missing dozens more incredible moments from the show.  But, those are the ones that popped into my head as of this writing.  Anyway, I’m gonna wait a day or so before posting my thoughts on the series finale.  This list of great moments, though, will replay in my head long after the finale has aired as a reminder of what incredible writing can do in any genre.  So say we all.


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  • 1. desimaniac  |  March 21, 2009 at 4:08 am

    nice list.. i agree with alot of those.. my no #1 would be your #1 – Battlestar Galactica jumping into the atmosphere and my no#2 would be activating the starmap at the Tomb of Athena, on the planet Kobol, via the Arrow of Apollo.


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