“Parks and Recreations” Star Rails Against IMAX

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You know, I kind of agree with him. I think it’s bullshit to charge for a full-price IMAX ticket when the screen is significantly smaller than the ‘real’ IMAX screens. And, what’s recently been annoying me are these movies released in IMAX, but don’t take advantage of the big screens.

I recently saw Star Trek twice, once at an IMAX screen, another time at a traditional theatre. I probably would’ve been just as happy watching it at a non-IMAX screen. There are no IMAX-specific scenes, unlike last year’s Dark Knight and this summer’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Yes, the image is bigger, but is it really worth $15-per-ticket when you’re not really seeing anything a traditional movie theatre isn’t showing?

I don’t think so.

clipped from movies.yahoo.com
The star of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” and Judd Apatow’s upcoming “Funny People,” bought a ticket on Monday for “Star Trek: The IMAX Experience.” Though it cost an extra $5 over a standard admission, he thought it would be worth it at the time. What Trekkie wouldn’t want to see Kirk and Spock on a six-story screen? Instead, Aziz found himself in a theater with a screen only slightly larger than normal. He felt wronged and decided to channel his anger into a furious, obscenity-laced blog post that has spread like wildfire. He has even called for a boycott of the theater chains involved, writing, “REGAL, AMC, AND IMAX – YOU ARE LIARS!”
Apparently, IMAX rolled out a digital projection system last year that can be easily installed in a normal movieplex and doesn’t require those huge film reels of a traditional IMAX projector. The downside is that the screens of these “Fake IMAX” theaters — as Aziz calls them — can be as much as a quarter of the size of standard IMAX screen.
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