I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!

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After spending many hours with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2′s multiplayer, I’ve arrived at what I consider my best weapons and perks loadout:


  • Riot Shield
  • Any shotgun (most likely, you’ll be in CQC with the shield)
  • OR throwing knife

(grenades don’t matter too much to me when I use this setup)


  • Marathon (Pro)
  • Lightweight (Pro)
  • Commando (Pro)


  • UAV
  • Supply Drop
  • Sentry Gun


(doesn’t matter)

Why do I like it so much?  When used properly, you are almost unstoppable.  Here’s what it can protect against (it being a shield and all): most, if not all, small arms fire; sentry guns; non-artillery/explosive fire from above (AC-130 gunships, pave-lows, Harriers, attack helicopters); frag grenades and mines; RPG’s (as long as the RPG strikes the shield directly and not your feet, you’re probably fine).

Another bonus: you get extra points for distracting opponents and for surviving attacks by sentry guns and from above, so what I like to do is, for example, stand in front of an enemy sentry gun and absorb all the hits while a teammate goes around and takes it out.  Or, rush in front of a group of enemies and hope I survive they volley of fire, while my teammates take cover nearby and start shooting.

The riot shield is also a pretty decent offensive weapon, when combined with the Commando perk (it’s especially deadly when combined with Commando Pro).  Usually, opponents don’t know how to handle a guy charging at them with a riot shield.  Their first instinct: shoot.  The problem: the riot shield will most likely protect against the gunfire.  Then, they usually back up, sometimes backing up against a corner or wall.  At that point, it’s pretty much over: two quick thrusts with the riot shield, and your opponent is dead.  The first thrust disorients the victim, second finishes them off.  Unfortunately, you can’t earn any upgrades for the riot shield.

Also, drawing your secondary will cause you to move your shield to the back.  This is particularly useful when running away from someone as the shield will protect your rear (again, as long as the bullets strike the shield and not any exposed body part, like legs).

However, this doesn’t mean the riot shield class is invincible.  The more bullets the shield absorbs, the more cracks appear to hamper your vision.  Though partially blinded with the riot shield equipped, it still doesn’t lose it’s protective capabilities.  Here’s how to take down a player (like myself) that’s using the riot shield:

  • Teamwork
  • Good aim
  • Fast melee
  • Semtex

If I’m charging at you with the shield, your best bet is probably to have a buddy nearby.  One to distract me, another to flank me and hit me from the side or rear.  As long as I’m not accompanied by a teammate, I’m dead.  If I am, I’d still probably die, but I’d get assist points for being a distraction while my teammate (hopefully) takes you and your friend out.

When charging, or moving at all, with the riot shield, your legs are exposed.  Hit my toes enough times and I go down.  Same goes for exposed shoulders and arms.

If I do manage to close on you, intent on bashing your face with the shield, you can still get the kill if you’re quick enough with the knife (or another shield).  Maneuver around me and stab me anywhere will result in a kill (works best if you have Commando Pro).  However, if I manage to hit you, it’ll make things a little harder since the first shield impact slows you down for a moment.

And the one that probably kills me the most when I use the shield: semtex explosives.  These sticky bombs stick to pretty much anything, including shields.  If it sticks to my shield, I have absolutely no way of getting it off, meaning I’m finished.  However, if I’m close enough, I could still rush you.  The resulting explosion, in close proximity to you, will kill you as well.  You’d get points for the kill, I’d get points for an assisted suicide.


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