Game Review: “Super Mario Galaxy2”

June 7, 2010 at 9:55 am Leave a comment

More of the same isn’t a bad thing.  If you loved Super Mario Galaxy, then you’ll love the sequel.  The game does away with many of the first’s narrative moments, instead focusing on a more streamlined experience that highlights the amazing level designs.  The major addition here is Yoshi, allowing you to eat enemies, grab onto objects, and perform other tasks that Mario just can’t do by himself.

Be forewarned, however, that this game can get hard.  Really hard.  The first couple of hours will be a breeze, especially for veteran Galaxy players.  With patience, though, the game isn’t hard enough to make you want to stop playing.

The co-op from the original is back, although more refined, allowing the second player to control a Luma (and not just a cursor as in Galaxy).  The second player can attack enemies by shooting star bits, collect loose star bits, and more importantly, grab coins for Mario.  This allows a more ‘hands-on’ experience for the second player, and not just a bland ‘girlfriend mode’.

The game is about as long as the first, taking anywhere from 12-20 hours to run through the game.  That doesn’t mean it’s over, as just like in any Mario game, there are tons more levels and hidden stars to find, easily adding up to a 50+ hour experience.

One of the best games on the Wii just got better with Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Ingenious level design, colorful graphics, tight control, and a musical score so whimsical it’ll put a smile on your face all come together for possibly the best platforming game to come out this year.

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